YNS Dispensary Management

YNS has developed a system that makes inventory control easy; virtually eliminating waste and theft of supplies while motivating the students to bring in more paying customers and charge appropriately for their services.

One of the biggest concerns for most schools is management of their dispensary; effectively controlling their inventory and expenses. Combine this with theft, waste, incorrect charging for services and giving it away for free to family and friends are costly challenges beauty schools face.

Many schools find it hard to measure the cost of each service, with the Dispensary Management Points Program, a school can easily determine the true cost of a service, set the price and be assured that they are spending the amount they calculated.

The Dispensary Management system works by putting the valuable dispensary products in the students’ kits.  When the student works on a paying customer, he/she earns points toward replenishing products used from their kit.  The number of points earned for services and the point value of replacement products are based on the amount of product which should be used.  This is an excellent way to teach product control & proper usage to students.  When a student runs out of products in their kit, they use their points to replenish.  The school simply establishes a time of the day or week when students can replenish products.

The YourNewSchool team can help you plan for and implement this innovative and ground-breaking approach to clinic operations. We’ve done most of the prep-work so you don’t have to! Just sit back and enjoy the cost savings!